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JNR Tokaido Main Line in 1980s



This is a route file(containing train files) for BVE5 train simulation game.

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This route file reflects the image of JNR(*1) Tokaido line in early 1980s

(*1) JNR : Present "JR" before privatization

Please follow procedure below to put Tokaido line file into your PC.

1. Click the link "Download" below (OneDrive(ex-SkyDrive) page)

2. Select the file  "BVE5_JNR_TokaidoLine(English).lzh"(139MB)

3. Put contents of deconpressed folder(*2) into "Scenario" folder

(*2)Inner folder named "BVE5_JNR_TokaidoLine(English)"

4. Check the "ReadMe" text file before playing




Trains to drive

This File includes 9 variations of train diagram.

301M Express
Tokai 1

Gotenba 1
For Gotenba

153 Series(exp. Tokai)
+ 165 Series(exp. Gotenba)

Set year : 1981
Express Tokai & Express Gotenba are under parallel operation from Tokyo until Kouzu(including Shinagawa-Yokohama).
You are to be in 153 Series cab.
327M Local

111 Series

Set year : 1981
One of few local trains go as far as Hamamatsu(west part of Shizuoka prefecture) A whole journey takes 4 and a half hours.
Present Tokaido line local trains from Tokyo station do not go beyond Numazu(east part of Shizuoka prefecture).
791M Local
For Odawara

113 Series

Set year : 1983
One of general operations of local trains. Odawara, known as the doorway city for sight-seeing area Hakone.

Please visit following site to get train file.
(Author: Rock_On)

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809M Express
Izu 11
For Ito & Syuzenji

185 Series

Set year : 1981
185 Series was firstly used for operation of express "Izu" to replace old 153 Series trains. Train for Ito(east part of Izu peninsula) and one for Syuzenji(west part of Izu peninsula) are under parallell operation until Atami(including Shinagawa-Yokohama), and are separated there.  
6701M Express
Izu 3
For Izukyu-Shimoda & Syuzenji

153 Series

Set year : 1981
153 Series trains, the first group of cardan-drive EMUs designed for semi-express service of long journey introduced in 1958 . They were replaced by 185 Series.
3031M Limited Express
Odoriko 11
For Izukyu-Shimoda

185 Series

Set year : 1981
After replacement of 153 Series, Express "Izu" was reborn as Limited Express "Odoriko".
The name "Odoriko" which means dancing girl, came from the famous novel "Izu No Odoriko(伊豆の踊り子), Dancing Girl of Izu" written by Yasunari Kawabata. The stage of this novel was Izu peninsula, this train's destination.
9023 Limited Express
Odoriko 55
For Ito

A locomotive
(EF65 Series or EF58 Series)
and 8 PC cars

Set year : 1983
Some of extra trains of "Odoriko", were operated by train set of locomotive and PC trains in 1980s.

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(Author: わゐの部屋 : Wai's Room)
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*) Additional Information
Train formation of "Odoriko" :
Locomotive(EF65 or EF58)
+ 8 PC trains(14 Series)

Average weight of PC : 31.075t

9301M Express
Tokai 51

153 Series

Set year : 1981
Tokaido Shinkansen needed repair work more than 10 years after open.
During a half day of repair works, all the Shinkansen trains were suspended and alternate extra trains of express "Tokai" were operated.
The first Shinkansen train, after finish of repair work was scheduled to start from Shizuoka station. Tokai 51 departed Tokyo station early in the morning to caught up the first Shinkansen train.
327M Local

80 Series

Set year : 1975
80 Series is EMU developed for long journey local service, introduced in 1950. It withdrew from Tokaido line Tokyo area in 1977.

Please visit following site to get train file.
(Author: わゐの部屋 : Wai's Room)
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・file: JNR OldTrainPack
・vehicle: 86_vehicle

*) Additional Information
Train formation : 12cars length
(5 power cars + 7 trailer cars)



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